About Me

My name is Gabriela Zelenkova, and I was born, raised and educated in Prague, today Czech Republic.
I was lucky to have a chance to study for 1 year in Canada as an exchange student. Without a doubt this experience, although quite though at the beginning, gave me very good base for my career as a tour guide. After my return from Canada, I started to study at the Prague Economical University, where I have obtained master´s degree in economics. During a brake of my university education, I took classes for 1 semester in Vienna, at the local Economics University. Already during my studies I was able to pass all exams required for city guides in Prague and Czech Republic. Tour guiding has become my passion love, as I find it very interesting to meet new people all the time. Clients come to Prague nearly from all over the world. I listen to their amazing life stories and share with them my love passion for this beautiful city. My aim is to show this area to my clients, so they feel, there is an urgent need to come back :=)